Laminated sludge dewatering machine

Laminated sludge dewatering machine

Product Details

One. LaminatedSludge dewatering machineEquipment principle:

The main body of the dehydrator is a filtering device formed by stacking a fixed ring and a moving ring, and a screw shaft penetrates through it. A filter gap is formed between the fixed ring and the swimming ring. The sewage forms alum after flocculation at the front end, and flows into the dehydration body by itself. The filtrate flows into the filtrate tank through the filter gap. The sludge is transported forward with the rotation of the screw shaft. The pitch is getting smaller and smaller, and the gap between the filter slits is getting smaller and smaller. Under the blocking pressure of the back pressure plate, the effect of sufficient dehydration can be achieved. The spiral shaft drives the moving ring to continuously cut up and down during the rotation process to clean the filter gap and prevent clogging.

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