Screw stacking machine

Screw stacking machine

Product Details

Sewage properties: activated sludge

Device model: ZC-303

Quantity used: 2

Treated water volume: ~15m3/h

Sewage concentration: ~ 20000mg/L

Case introduction: The location of the application is in Hubei Province, which belongs to the new sludge dewatering project of the enterprise. Only one operator is required to operate the laminated type on site.Sludge dewatering machine, Greatly reducing labor costs and labor intensity of workers, equipment energy consumption is extremely low, basically does not need water flushing, reducing the burden of internal circulation caused by the backflow of cleaning water, and saving a lot of space for enterprises, which can realize fully automatic unmanned operation. There is basically no noise at the site, and the moisture content of the mud cake after dehydration reaches the user's requirement, and it can be bagged to facilitate subsequent processing by the customer.