Screw stacking machine supply

Screw stacking machine supply

Product Details

Sewage properties: chemical sludge

Device model: ZC-301

Quantity used: 1

Water treatment volume: ~5 cubic meters/hour

Concentration of sewage: ~10000mg/L

Case introduction: The location of use is in Jiangsu Province. The company is a foreign-funded enterprise. It has used plate and frame filter presses and belts before.Sludge dewatering machine, But there is no good solution to the problem of sludge dewatering. The filter cloth is easy to be stuck, it is inconvenient to clean, the labor intensity is high, and the on-site operators are miserable. After using our company’s laminated sludge dewatering machine, it only turns on and off. A button is needed, the operation is very convenient, and the problem of blockage is avoided. The power of the dehydrator is 0.8KW/h, and the operating cost is greatly reduced. The user, especially the on-site operator, has a very high evaluation.

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