Stacked screw type sludge dewatering equipment

Stacked screw type sludge dewatering equipment

Product Details

Sewage properties: activated sludge

Device model: ZC-303

Quantity used: 1

Treated water volume: ~10m3/h

Sewage concentration: ~ 15000mg/L

Case introduction: The location of the application is in Shandong Province. The company produces soy subsidiary products. The sludge treated is a mixed sludge of sludge tank and scum. There was no special filter press equipment before, and there were only two sludge storage tanks on site. Manual cleaning after settlement is carried out by traditional methods, which is extremely expensive and not environmentally friendly. As the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection, business leaders are also willing to invest in responding to national policies and protecting the environment. After being put into production, the laminated sludge dewatering machine produced by our company occupies a small area, there is basically no noise on the site, the maintenance frequency is very low, the mud is formed, and the belt conveyor is directly sent to the transport vehicle for subsequent treatment. The customer is very satisfied with it .

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