Stacked snail sludge dewatering equipment

Stacked snail sludge dewatering equipment

Product Details

Sewage properties: production wastewater

Device model: ZC-132

Quantity used: 1

Water treatment volume: ~2 cubic meters/hour

Concentration of sewage: ~8000mg/L

Case introduction of stacking snail sludge dewatering equipment: The place of use is in Jiangsu Province. This enterprise mainly produces auto parts and is a Sino-foreign joint venture. This project is a new enterprise project. When selecting the snail sludge dewatering equipment, a detailed inspection and comparison was carried out. The snail sludge dewatering equipment produced by our company has a small footprint, does not block, does not require a large amount of water to wash, and is integrated. The advantage of high degree of automation has been favored by customers. After inspecting the sites of other users of our company, we decided to choose to cooperate with our company. After the equipment was put into use, the expected results were achieved. The remaining sludge was cleaned up in time to ensure the normal operation of the entire sewage treatment system.