Sludge dewatering equipment manufacturers

Sludge dewatering equipment manufacturers

Product Details

Sewage properties: oily sludge

Device model: ZC-303EX

Quantity used: 1

Treated water volume: ~8m3/h

Sewage concentration: ~ 20000mg/L

Case introduction: The location of the application is Singapore Erickson-Mobil, and our company is a company specializing in tank cleaning. In the past, the oily sludge produced by Mobil was outsourced to other sludge treatment companies, and it had not been dehydrated. The cost was extremely high and it was not easy to transport. After using the explosion-proof laminated sludge dewatering system produced by our company, the sludge is reduced, the treatment cost is greatly reduced, and it is easy to transport. For this reason, Mobil Corporation also awarded the service unit medal to affirm. The sludge dewatering system is actually the prototype of our company's sewage purification vehicle.

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