Sludge dewatering equipment

Sludge dewatering equipment

Product Details

Sewage properties: production wastewater

Device model: ZC-131

Quantity used: 1

Treated water volume: ~1 m3/h

Concentration of sewage: ~8000mg/L

Case introduction: The place of use is in Zhejiang Province. The company is specialized in producing metal products. The previously used sludge dewatering equipment was a belt filter press. Due to the strong operation of the equipment, it was basically in a semi-idle state. With the country's emphasis on environmental protection, the person in charge of the enterprise decided to upgrade the sewage treatment system. After detailed communication in the early stage and follow-up on-site inspections, the laminated sludge dewatering machine produced by our company was selected. Because there is not much sludge to be processed, the equipment used has a very small area. The customer has slightly modified the original dewatering area. Our dehydration equipment can be operated, the sludge output effect is very good, and the filtrate is relatively clean.

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