What should I do when the screw-type sludge dehydrator is abnormally interrupted?
- 2020-03-13-

What should I do when the screw-type sludge dehydrator is abnormally interrupted?

The stacked screw sludge dehydrator occupies an important position in the sewage water treatment system of the industrial industry, so its reasonable use is more important. Accidents are always inevitable, and many situations cannot be foreseen in advance. What should I do if there is a sudden interruption during the work of the dehydrator? What caused it?

The following reasons will cause abnormal interruption of the dehydrator:

Serious blockage: There is a serious blockage in the pipeline, and the machine may temporarily stop running. This situation is generally caused by improper operation. At this time, the operation requirements should be in accordance with the operating instructions of the screw stacker, which is suitable for the treatment of fluid mud.

Unstable power supply: Under working conditions such as mines and oil fields, the voltage is unstable, which may cause abnormal power failure. Ensure the stability of the power supply voltage and ensure that the power cord meets the relevant requirements.

Aging of accessories: The severe aging of various accessories may also be one of the reasons for the interruption. Before operation, strengthen the maintenance of accessories.

Interruptions caused by other circumstances, such as manual errors and sludge problems. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen personnel management and pay attention to employee training.

When the stack screw sludge dewatering machine is interrupted, the power should be cut off immediately, and then check whether there is a mechanical failure, and check which part is broken. The replacement of the replacement, the overhaul of the overhaul. Eliminate all component causes, and then restart the test.

If it is a common sludge dewatering machine, there is a button on the installation device. When the equipment encounters an emergency, you need to press the stop button immediately to stop the sludge dewatering machine immediately. If the situation is eliminated, you need to restart it. To start the sludge dewatering machine, please rotate in the direction of the arrow on the emergency stop button to make the button float, and then restart the sludge dewatering machine.