How do you usually repair the screw stacking machine when there is a problem?
- 2020-01-09-

How do you usually repair the screw stacking machine when there is a problem?

Daily maintenance of screw stacking machine

Since the screw stacker has been applied to the field of sludge dewatering, it has gradually replaced the plate and frame sludge dewatering machine and belt sludge dewatering machine with its advantages of non-clogging, energy saving, low operating cost, long use time, and simple operation. It is applied in many industries such as municipal sewage treatment plant, printing and dyeing, papermaking, food, breeding, chemical industry and so on.

Although the screw stacking machine has a low failure rate and can run smoothly for a long time, the operators must also do the daily inspection and maintenance of the screw stacking machine to increase its service life. Its daily maintenance is mainly to carry out daily inspections and regular inspections of the equipment. Keep abreast of the condition of the equipment in time, discover and solve equipment problems in time through inspections, so as to avoid sudden failures and accidents.

The daily inspection is to check the condition of the equipment by the operators according to the prescribed standards in order to find some problems in time and take countermeasures. Mainly check the following aspects: whether the motor is running normally, whether there is abnormal noise, whether there is vibration. Whether the set gap of the pressed plate is reasonable, and whether the moisture content of the dehydrated cake changes too much. Whether the solid content of the filtrate of the snail main body is abnormal. Whether there is sludge accumulation around the return pipe of the metering tank. Whether the flocculation mixing tank forms suitable alum.

How do you usually repair the screw stacking machine when there is a problem?

This depends on the type of problem that occurs in the screw stacking machine, and the solutions for different situations are different.

1. The screw stacker does not operate. When the screw stacker is not running, check the electrical wiring under normal circumstances, but only when the electrical and wiring are OK during the initial commissioning. Maybe it is a short circuit or it may be aging. If the line problem is ruled out, we will check whether there is a problem with the reducer. This check is mainly to see if there is heat or abnormal noise.

2. The screw stacker can work after the power is turned on, but its mud output effect is not ideal, and the work efficiency is relatively low. Generally, the new screw stacker should not have such a phenomenon. If it is a machine that has been used for three or four years, it should be. More or less such a situation occurs. In fact, after encountering such a situation, just contact the manufacturer of the screw stacking machine and hand over the spindle of the screw stacking machine to the original screw stacking machine manufacturer for repair work.

3. The machine parts are aging. Find the aging accessories directly and replace them.

For other problems or failures of the screw stacking machine, please refer to the product manual of the machine. There are solutions to various failures above.

The above is the answer to how to repair the problem of the screw stacker, I hope it will be helpful to you.