Working principle of automatic infusion machine
- 2020-03-06-

Working principle of automatic infusion machine:

The dry powder solution preparation process is gradually completed through the grading of each solution tank, and the solution tanks are separated to ensure the best reaction time and constant concentration in each solution tank, avoiding any direct path between the prefabricated tank and the liquid storage tank , The automatic control system is connected with the liquid level controller on the storage tank. Once the liquid level reaches a low level, the water inlet solenoid valve is triggered to open, the dry speculation starts, and the dosage is installed to set the water volume to obtain the best concentration. When the liquid level reaches *High point, this cycle process will stop, of course, the agitator will continue to work according to the set time.

Working principle(photo)

The process of powder solution preparation operate each solution tank glade, and they are blocked off. And it could assure the best reaction time and invariableness consistency of every solution tank, avoid any direct touch of prefabricate tank and liquid storage tank, and automatic control system is joined with level sensor, to gain the exactitude chroma.When the level reach the apogee, the circle process stop.

Technical characteristics of automatic infusion machine:

Fully automatic operation, saving labor

The dosage of medicament can be adjusted to ensure the treatment effect and avoid waste

All stainless steel (SUS304 or 316) cabinet, all imported accessories, reliable quality and good corrosion resistance.

Easy maintenance and beautiful appearance

No need for foundation and fixing

Powerful technical support, design process according to user requirements

All information is contact output

The mixer can adjust the running time flexibly to ensure the effect and save energy.

With dry running and overflow protection during operation.

According to customer requirements, 2 boxes can be flexibly modified, single box type.

High-efficiency chemical-liquid mixing system:


Automatically operate

The amount of the powder feeding is exactitude

All SUS304 crust,all imported parts

Easy to maintain

The fastness is no need

Strong technical support

All message is output by touch

The time of mixing could be adjust

In the process of operating,it with the empty operate and overfall protect

Double tank also could be changed by customer's request