Installation and inspection of laminated sludge dewatering machine
- 2018-11-05-

device installation

1. Tank installation: every screw must be greased, and the fit between the tanks must be horizontal and vertical.

2. Dewatering main body: Use a ruler and a square to cooperate with each other on a special platform to ensure that the main body is horizontal and vertical, and to ensure the front and rear concentricity.

3. Mixing installation: ensure that the mixing is in the center of the tank.

4. Other accessories: the size of each component needs to be ensured during installation, and the place where UPVC is connected to each other must be filled with glue for connection

5. All the places where screws are used in the whole set of equipment must be flattened and greased.

Equipment inspection

  1. The two checked and tested the machine together. The water pipe was pressurized and tested for 15 minutes. All the connections of the wires need to be checked to prevent false connections. Each control requires more than 10 switch operation checks, and runs for 60-120 minutes to ensure normal operation. Check the tightening of each screw to prevent leakage. After the inspection, the inspector needs to register for filing. Each piece of equipment must be connected to the factory for trial operation for 3-4 hours before shipment. After the equipment is finished, the entire equipment shall be cleaned and packaged. And check the corresponding accessories and random tools and delivery information.

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