Fucheng black sludge dehydrator odorous water treatment task assignment meeting was held
- 2018-11-05-

Recently, Fucheng black and smelly water treatment task assignment meeting was held to arrange the deepening treatment of 14 rivers that have achieved "initial results". Municipal Standing Committee Member and Deputy Mayor Wang Yufeng attended the meeting.

In 2017, our city vigorously promoted the rectification of 14 black and odorous water bodies including Yihe River and Zhongqing River, reaching the standard of "initial results". However, recent inspections found that some "initial results" rivers have problems such as direct drainage of sewage, poor maintenance of the rivers, and inadequate shoreline cleaning, which affects the "initial results" governance effect. On the afternoon of the 25th, Wang Yufeng led a team to inspect the conditions of a river and other rivers. On the east side of the river at the intersection of the river and the Zhongqing River, problems such as garbage accumulation and nearby residents planting vegetables were found. Wang Yufeng immediately arranged for cleaning and greening after cleaning. .

Wang Yufeng requested that the 14 rivers with “initial results” should be intensified. While speeding up the construction, the problems of littering, sludge, and water quality deterioration should be effectively solved; the symptoms and root causes should be addressed, and the problem should be basically completed by the end of October. To manage project tasks, the construction unit must reverse the schedule and focus on organizing the battle; it must adhere to standardized management, further clarify the scope of control of the "initial results" river, clarify management standards, and establish a sound management mechanism; it must persist in responding to concerns and accepting through multiple channels Citizen supervision, promptly respond to citizens' concerns about problems in the deepening of the treatment of black and smelly water bodies, and must check the reports of citizens, and the investigation must be fruitful; strengthen supervision and urge the timely resolution of existing problems. (Source: Fuyang Daily)

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