Problems encountered in drying and construction of sludge dewatering machine and their treatment
- 2018-11-05-

The process flow of the sludge dehydrator is divided into four stages:

(1) Sludge flocculation

(2), gravity dehydration

(3) Low and medium pressure dehydration

(4), high pressure dehydration

Metallurgical wastewater treatment There are many products in the metallurgical industry, and the production processes are in series, and a large amount of sewage is discharged, which is one of the main sewage polluting the environment. The main characteristics of metallurgical sewage are large water volume, various types, and complex water quality. For metallurgical sewage treatment methods The choice should be based on the water quality, water volume, and effluent standards of the metallurgical sewage. The following mainly introduces the automatic mode operation method of the sludge dewatering machine:

Before switching the equipment into automatic mode, please test that the manual operation mode of the machine and all peripheral pumps is normal. During automatic operation, switch all the switches to the"AUTO" position. At this time, the main drive , The pre-treatment and cleaning pumps start to run and wait for the sludge to be processed. Then the water level controller detects whether the sludge inventory in the conditioning tank has reached the set water level accuracy (the level of the water level is controlled by the water level controllers E1, E2). , E3 three electrode rods are set by themselves, and the user can choose whether to install the water level controller. If the sludge volume reaches the high water level, the main drive, rotating centrifugal part, cleaning pump, conditioning tank, sludge pump and The medical equipment will start to operate. If the sludge volume is pumped to a low water level, the machine will automatically cut off and stop. When the sludge volume accumulates to a high water level, the water level controller will automatically connect and start the machine.

The sludge dewatering machine will inevitably have accidents during the construction process, but please don't worry, belowSludge dewatering machine manufacturersI will elaborately explain to you the safety and rescue measures for emergency situations during the use of the sludge dewatering machine! There is a button on the side installation device of the sludge dewatering machine, and the stop button should be pressed immediately when the equipment operation encounters a situation. , The sludge dewatering machine will stop running immediately. If you want to restart the sludge dewatering machine after the situation is eliminated, please rotate in the direction on the emergency stop button to make the button float, and then restart the sludge dewatering machine.

During the operation of the sludge dewatering machine, the operator must always pay attention to its operation. If an abnormality is found, stop immediately to find out the cause, and restart after troubleshooting, check whether all equipment is in a normal state, and regularly add lubricating oil to the designated parts!

Another situation is that the working principle of the sludge dewatering machine is the process of thickening, conditioning, dewatering, drying or prohibiting burning of sludge. Among them, we will encounter some difficulties and problems in the drying process:

One solution is the thermal drying technology. From the perspective of destroying the water binding form of the sludge, the thermal drying technology can destroy the combined water in the sludge cells and achieve deep dehydration. However, the thermal drying technology mostly uses steam, Smoke ventilation, etc., not only has high processing costs and large exhaust gas volume, but also causes problems such as environmental pollution. Therefore, the area where this technology can be truly promoted and applied is limited.

Another solution is to add it to the sludge dewatering machine, relying on the addition of chemical salts and lime, because the leachate containing chloride ions and high COD will have a larger impact load on the drying of the sludge. So as to achieve the sludge. The effect of drying.

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