Talking about the working principle of automatic infusion machine
- 2020-04-28-

The automatic soaking machine is suitable for all solid and liquid organic flocculants. After years of practical inspections, the company’s dry powder dosing equipment has good performance and long-term outstanding promise. The equipment reserves the position of the dosing pump equipment. Conveniently change to PAM emulsion dilution and dosing equipment. Main applications: urban sewage coagulation aid, industrial wastewater coagulation aid, drinking water treatment, sludge treatment and deposition, sulfuric acid production, papermaking\exercise, electrolytic solution neutralization, petrochemical industry, sugar industry, lime dosing, etc. So what are the working principles?

The dry powder solution preparation process is gradually completed through the grading of each solution tank, and the solution tanks are separated to ensure the best reaction time and stable concentration in each solution tank, and prevent any direct path between the prefabricated tank and the liquid storage tank , The automatic control system is connected with the liquid level controller on the storage tank. Once the liquid level reaches the low level, the water inlet solenoid valve is triggered to open, the dry speculation starts, and the water volume of the dosing equipment is set to obtain the precise concentration. High point, the cycle process will stop, of course, the agitator will continue to work according to the set time.

  allAutomatic soaking machineTechnical features: Fully automatic work, labor saving, accurate and adjustable dosage of medicament to ensure the treatment effect and prevent spoilage, all stainless steel (SUS304 or 316) cabinet, all imported accessories, reliable quality, excellent corrosion resistance. Easy maintenance, The appearance is exquisite, without root base and fixing, strong technical support, and the process can be designed according to user requirements. All information is contact output, the mixer can schedule the working time flexibly to ensure the effect and save energy. During the work process, there is empty work and overflow protection. According to customer requirements, it can be modified to 2 boxes, single box type.

Quality assurance:

1. Brushed stainless steel sheet

2.Control box protection level: IP54

3. Imported water jet equipment

4. Imported special stainless steel mixer

5.Numerical control welding equipment to ensure accurate sealing of the tank body.

6.The liquid medicine mixer is made of stainless steel integrated, and the dissolving effect is 100%.