What is the energy saving and environmental protection performance of the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine
- 2021-02-23-

Many rivers are now polluted. Management of rivers sometimes requires draining the river and treating the sludge at the bottom of the river. However, different rivers have different types of sludge. Some rivers are contaminated by slaughterhouses and printing and dyeing plants, which is oily. Sludge from slaughter and printing and dyeing, oily sludge has always been a headache. These sludges are not easy to dehydrate and need to be processed by equipment such as stacked screw sludge dehydrators. Generally, 85% dehydration rate is not a problem. The following screw stack type sludge dewatering machine manufacturers will introduce the stack screw type sludge dewatering machine.

1. Small size and low automation requirements. The automatic operation of the screw-type sludge dewatering machine does not require too messy monitoring data, only the liquid level of the sludge tank! Simple structure, easy to maintain, the more sophisticated equipment is used, the more various failures will be Less! The entire sludge tank level control equipment operates, and the level of the flocculation stirring tank provides level maintenance.

2. Fool-style operation, minimalist control. The stacked screw sludge dewatering machine is relatively simple to use, and the labor cost is relatively strong and labor is reduced a lot. Just a lightly press the button, the sludge pump dosing pump starts to work, and the equipment starts to run! Press a button, the equipment will be closed automatically with a delay, and the sludge in the main shaft will be drained! When the worker is off work, he opens the back pressure plate, or he can open the manual flushing pipe to rinse and go home from get off work!

3. Low power consumption and energy saving. The belt filter press power is not high, but the belt filter press needs to be equipped with a high-pressure flushing water pump, which requires electricity consumption and a large amount of reuse water. And what do you need for flushing the screw-type sludge dehydrator? A clean water source with 0.3Mpa tap water pressure is enough, or you can use the supernatant of the sedimentation tank to flush, only one ton per day, low cost!