Product features of vehicle-mounted screw stacking machine
- 2020-07-01-

Product features of vehicle-mounted screw stacking machine:

1. The appearance is beautiful, the sewage in the compartment is not easy to seep out, and the maintenance is convenient.

2. Strong suction, safe and reliable, and good sealing performance.

3. The three-state separation technology of gas, liquid and solid is adopted to realize the integration of cleaning and filtering of the septic tank sewage, which greatly improves the efficiency of cleaning the septic tank.

4. Rotary drying system, packaged and shipped out after hardening, reducing environmental pollution.

5. With motor overload protection function.

6. PLC logic control reduces movable parts and increases reliability.

7. The use of mobile control cabinets, touch-screen displays, and electrical equipment working status are displayed, which is convenient for operation.

8. With manual/automatic operation to control the start and stop of vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, flushing pumps, pneumatic butterfly valves, and solenoid valves.

9. The automatic control system can realize automatic control of suction and discharge, realize continuous work, high work efficiency, safety and environmental protection, and reduce work intensity.

10. An optional high-pressure dredging device can be used to dredge the untreated septic tank for a long time before purifying the sewage.

11. Diesel generators can be installed to provide power for system operation, or an external AC power supply.