Several advantages of snail sludge dehydrator water equipment
- 2020-09-18-

Several advantages of snail sludge dehydrator water equipment

1. The application field is universal

It can be widely used to de-dry the sludge in various fields such as municipal engineering wastewater, food, beverages, slaughter and breeding, printing and dyeing plants, petrochemical equipment, paper industry, leather products, and pharmaceutical industries. The unique basic principle of de-drying promotes the equipment to apply high and low-concentration sludge. Starting from 2000Mg/L, it has set a precedent for the immediate de-drying of low-concentration sludge. The overall design of independent innovation promotes the equipment to be applied to various types of sludge with high and high viscosity, very oily sludge.

2. The equipment is not suitable for clogging

The distinctive acoustic ring filter structure makes the equipment not easy to be clogged. There is no need to carry out a lot of cleaning to avoid the clogging of the filter. It completely reduces the cleaning water demand and reduces the internal circulation pressure of the car, which solves the problem of the traditional drying equipment clogging for the company. distressed.

3. Continuous automatic operation

The stacking screw sludge dewatering machine adopts automatic control system from pumping sludge, introducing medicine, and discharging sludge cake. According to the electrical cabinet, it is linked with the drug bubbler, the mud pump, the dosing pump, etc., without work Personnel actually operate the equipment, and it is not easy to cause blockage, deviation of the chain track or other conditions that endanger the processing technology. Daily maintenance is simple, and it can continue unmanned operation for 24 hours. Completed the continuous automatic operation of sludge drying in the real practical sense.

4. Save operating costs

The integrated overall design plan, the design plan is compact, greatly saves the operation cost. The low-speed spiral extrusion molding technology promotes a significant reduction in the use of electricity, and the equipment is not blocked, the cleaning tap water is greatly reduced, and the 24-hour automatic unmanned operation is greatly reduced. Therefore, this equipment has truly become a new type of green and environmentally friendly equipment that conforms to my country's current policies.