Analysis of the cause of uneven sludge distribution between mesh belts of sludge dehydrator
- 2018-12-28-

Many customers come back and ask us they often encounterSludge dewatering machineWhat is going on when the mud between the mesh belts is uneven? Today, Hangzhou Co., Ltd. will show you why:

Uneven sludge is also a common problem in sludge treatment. The gravity dewatering section of the sludge dewatering machine, such as uneven mud distribution, will cause uneven force on the mesh belt. It is mainly understood from the following aspects:

A. The installation position of the sludge distributing device of the sludge dewatering machine is too high and cannot play the role of smoothing the sludge. It is necessary to adjust the position of the sludge distributing device.

B. The clogging of the mud distributor of the sludge dewatering machine causes the uneven mud distribution to be cleaned and dredged.

C. The local wear of the mud rake of the sludge dewatering machine is severe, which greatly reduces the filtering effect of the local sludge. After entering the pressing area, it still shows strong fluidity and needs to replace the damaged mud rake.

D. The uneven wear of the reverse wiper of the sludge dewatering machine The board surface is wavy, resulting in uneven thickness of the mud in this area, which needs to be replaced

The above is the analysis of the reasons for the uneven distribution of sludge between the mesh belts of the sludge dewatering machine

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