What is the processing effect of the screw stacking machine?
- 2020-02-27-

The flocculation of sludge is a major element that can be treated with stacked snails. Therefore, the choice and amount of flocculating agent are very important. If the agent is not suitable, the ideal flocculation effect cannot be achieved. The water contained in the mud clusters cannot be smoothly squeezed out, so if the screw stacker is to be effective, the combination of agents is also very important. Of course, the nature of the sludge itself is a factor that cannot be ignored.

In addition to the role of the medicine, the screw stacking machine itself is also very important. The screw spindle of the screw stacking machine must achieve sufficient hardness and wear resistance, otherwise the treatment effect of the equipment will become worse and worse after a long time. Secondly, the stacking screw There are also certain requirements for the flatness of the moving and static ring pieces and the size of the gap between the moving and static ring pieces. If the gap is too large or the flatness is not long enough, the screw stacker will run out of mud and leak mud and affect the treatment effect.

The sludge can only be fully concentrated by gravity in the dewatering body of the screw stacker and the effect of dewatering from the horizontal and vertical two-way extrusion dewatering will be ideal. However, slowing the speed will make the moisture content of the sludge lower, but the sludge will be discharged. The rate of sludge will inevitably be affected, so only the length of the dehydration body and the angle of inclination are appropriate to fully dehydrate the sludge without affecting the treatment rate, and achieve a more ideal treatment effect.