The belt type machine of the stacking screw dehydrator uses a faster reaction speed
- 2020-09-04-

The belt type machine of the stacking screw dehydrator uses a faster reaction speed

For example, the water quality of the user is as follows: the pH of the sewage is between 5 and 7. When using cationic polyacrylamide, the screw stacker sometimes discharges waste alkali. When the alkali is discharged, the screw stacker cannot press the mud, and the muddy water What is going on without flocculation? How to deal with it?

Lebang recommends: When the pH of the sewage is about 5, it is recommended to use cationic polyacrylamide, use anionic type at about 10, and use non-ionic type when it is neutral. If the difference between the acid and alkali of the customer's wastewater is not large, it is fine. Negligible, if there is obvious deviation, adjust the pH value, after all, the effluent also has requirements for pH. Deduction 970501905 This answer is recommended by the questioner Has been liked and disliked What is your evaluation of this answer? Comments Collapse

1. What type of sludge is municipal or industrial sewage. Generally, the municipal sewage should be with an ion degree of less than 30, and the industrial sewage should be with a higher ion degree (of course these are relative, and the specific water is still required. Determine the product through experimentation)

2. The model determines what kind of product to choose. The belt type machine uses the faster reaction speed. The centrifuge should be selected with strong shear resistance and the flocs are not easy to disperse. The screw stacker must combine the above two characteristics, and the screw stacker requires relatively higher requirements.

3. Products with different ionicity and different molecular weight have different effects. Only through small-scale test selection and pilot test can determine which polyacrylamide to use.