Have you got the ultrafiltration technology of sludge dewatering machine?
- 2019-08-27-

Have you got the ultrafiltration technology of sludge dewatering machine? If not, please understand with Hangzhou Co., Ltd.:

Ultrafiltration is a membrane separation process based on the principle of sieve separation and pressure as the driving force. The filtration accuracy is in the range of μm, which can effectively remove particles, colloids, bacteria, heat sources and polymer organic substances in water. It can be widely used in the separation, concentration and purification of substances. The ultrafiltration process has no phase inversion and is operated at room temperature. It is especially suitable for the separation of heat-sensitive substances. It has good temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance. It can be continuous for a long time under the conditions of below 60℃ and pH 2-11. use.

Ultrafiltration membranes are divided into plate and frame type (plate type), hollow fiber type, nano-membrane surface ultrafiltration membrane, tube type, roll type and other structures according to the structure type. Among them, the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is a mature and advanced form of ultrafiltration technology. The outer diameter and inner diameter of the hollow fiber are covered with micropores on the wall of the hollow fiber tube. The pore diameter is expressed by the molecular weight of the retentate, and the molecular weight cutoff can reach several thousand to several hundred thousand. The raw water flows under pressure on the outside of the hollow fiber or in the inner cavity to form an external pressure type and an internal pressure type hollow ultrafiltration membrane respectively. Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process. The retained substances can be removed with the concentrate without clogging the membrane surface, and it can run continuously for a long time.

Application of ultrafiltration technology

Early industrial ultrafiltration was used in wastewater and sewage treatment. For more than 30 years, with the development of ultrafiltration technology, the application fields of ultrafiltration membrane technology have been extensive, including food industry, beverage industry, dairy industry, biological fermentation, biology, chemical industry, biological preparations, and Chinese# preparations. , Clinical, printing and dyeing wastewater, food industry wastewater treatment, resource recovery and environmental engineering, etc.