Introduction to the use and advantages of sludge dewatering trucks
- 2020-05-09-

VehicularSludge Dewatering TruckIt is to install the sludge dewatering device used in sludge treatment on a car to complete the flexible movement of the sludge treatment equipment and facilitate the transfer operation.

Product use of vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering truck:

The vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering truck is the sludge treatment of the sludge centralized treatment project on the principles of river sludge treatment, domestic sludge treatment, and breeding farms. The mobile sludge press dryer can go directly to the sludge location and process the sludge on site. .

Product advantages:

1. In traditional river sludge treatment, sludge excavation will disperse the sludge particles into the river water, and then settle to the bottom of the river in the future, creating a problem of incomplete sludge treatment. With the vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering truck, only the sludge pump is used to directly extract the river sludge and send it to the sludge press dryer for treatment, which will not bring significant mixing to the river, thus making the sludge treatment more thorough.

2. The use of vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering trucks can save a lot of transportation costs: Regarding river sludge, farm sludge, etc., high water content in a fluid state increases the difficulty of transportation. Transporting from the place where the sludge is generated to the sludge treatment plant alone accounts for most of the sludge treatment cost, and the filtrate generated from the treated sludge needs to be transported to the place where it is used. The mobile sludge press dryer can directly discharge the clear water into the river to make scene water after the sludge is processed, which reduces the transportation cost and saves time and effort.

3. Avoid pollution dispersion: the transportation of untreated sludge is likely to form different degrees of scattering along the way, causing pollution to the surrounding environment, while the vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering truck solves this trouble and drives directly to the sludge. The place of production is treated on-site, which is both environmentally friendly and economical.

Technical parameters of vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering vehicle:

Processing capacity: 1-100t/h

Power: 1-15kw

Moisture content of sludge: ≤30%

Squeezing force: 10MPa

Vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering truck This equipment completes a series of manure treatment processes such as mechanized cleaning of septic tanks, on-site dehydration, solid-liquid separation, filter cake pressing, and organic fertilizer extraction. The vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering vehicle integrates advanced automated operation technology, and uses the vehicle-mounted self-benefiting main generator to complete technical breakthroughs such as continuous operation, full automation, and digital control. There is no peculiar smell during on-site treatment, the sewage becomes clear water, and the dry humidity of the extracted manure or silt reaches 75% or more. After fermentation, it can be used as the raw material of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, and the waste is turned into treasure. Due to the secondary pollution caused by transportation, the environmental protection treatment and reuse of urban dregs have been completed.