Advantages and working methods of automatic infusion machine
- 2020-02-16-

Advantages of fully automatic dosing equipment:

1. Reduce labor intensity and complete the continuity of drug increase: the setting of specific values ​​of automatic dosing equipment can avoid errors caused by human valuation to a certain extent, on the other hand, it also reduces the number of people who forget to add drugs due to human factors. Possibility, and then complete the continuity and consistency of dosing.

2. The equipment space of the automatic infusion machine is small and the requirements are small: the automatic dosing equipment occupies a small area and saves space, and will not affect the normal operation and revenue and expenditure of other equipment; the requirements are less because the equipment assembly structure is relatively simple , There is little application demand, and normal operation can be performed only if there is a 220V power supply on site.

3. It can reduce manpower input and save expenses: Constantly getting used to technology and automation development mode is also a way to put fresh blood into the enterprise. The use of new equipment can avoid the cost of manpower consumption to a certain extent.

4. Double combination of equipment and equipment to complete private ordering: Because the actual situation of different customers is inconsistent, the size, type, capacity and other aspects of the purchased dosing equipment are different.

Working mode of automatic dosing equipment:

1. When starting dosing, you need to start the self-prepared medicinal liquid raising pump in the dosing device, and use a hose to draw the medicinal liquid from the medicinal liquid barrel into the medicine storage tank. The body is filled with liquid. After the medicine storage tank is filled with liquid medicine, the dosage can be adjusted, and the medicine can be put into operation after the dosage is adjusted.

2. Acid-base (PH) conditioning is to stabilize the PH value of the process medium within the required range to meet the needs of the process process. In the electroplating process, the pH control of the electroplating solution, the PH control of the pulp in the metallurgical flotation process, and the chemical process PH control of the mother liquor of the process medium, etc. In the water treatment process, the PH value of the water to be treated will greatly affect the use of various chemicals, and different types of wastewater may not be within the allowable pH range after various treatments are completed.

3. The automatic acid-base (PH) automatic conditioning system controlled by the PH controller provides a good acid-base active control scheme for the automatic dosing equipment.

4. Fully automatic dosing equipment is used to add chemicals that help improve water quality, prevent scaling, slow down corrosion, and remove polluting steam quality into the water-gas circulation system, and then ensure the safe operation of the wastewater system.

The automatic dosing equipment is suitable for industrial cooling circulating water system, air-conditioning refrigeration system, heat exchange system, hot water boiler system, production and domestic hot water supply system, etc., so pay more attention to the suitability of the purchase. Fully automatic dosing equipment is a characteristic product of Sincere Environmental Protection. It is sold well all over the country and is loved by customers.