Application of sludge dewatering machine in industry and life
- 2018-11-20-

The final disposal of sludge faces the dual choice of safe disposal and resource utilization.However, sludge is a commodity with trading value.Only after treatment and disposal, the sludge can be burned to generate heat or generate heat after its moisture content and stability reach a certain level. Make building materials.Sludge dewatering machineIt is one of the necessary equipment. Experts also emphasized that sludge pretreatment is very important. Some people questioned that the hydrothermal drying technology did not achieve the purpose of sludge dewatering, but through this kind of sludge modification treatment technology, the power of subsequent mechanical dewatering will increase, like Adding chemicals and high-quality microorganisms are all to improve the dehydration rate of subsequent processing. Let's take a look at what are the requirements for material selection by sludge dehydration equipment manufacturers?

The strength of the material is reflected in the speed of the centrifuge. It also directly affects the volume flow and mass flow. In addition, the corrosion of the centrifuge is also related to its data structure. There are many suppliers of sludge dewatering equipment, and the market price is also very different. , The editor here reminds everyone, don’t be greedy for temporary cheapness and easy selection. Sludge dewatering equipment has been used more and more in our days, because our economic development is too fast Ah, the pollution is also very serious. Decontamination has become our urgent task. If the source water quality is very good and uncontaminated in your area, it is recommended to use an ultrafiltration membrane water dispenser; if your source water quality is good as The source of mineral water is only filtered with activated carbon. The exchange capacity of the weak base anion exchange resin is affected by the specific consumption of the regenerant (in order to prevent the resin from being polluted by organic matter, it should not be less than 1.2), and the influent organic matter pollution index (the pollution index is high) That is to say, the content of organic matter is high and the acidity is low), the COZ concentration of the influent, the diameter of the resin particles and other factors. The sludge dewatering equipment has already become the necessary equipment for decontamination in our lives. Then, regardless of whether we are a sewage treatment professional or not, We should all have a certain understanding of the product! I believe that after reading this article, everyone should have a certain understanding of it.