Operation principle and flow analysis of sewage purification truck
- 2018-11-05-

Sewage purification vehicleThe process flow is a combination of process methods used for certain sewage treatment. Usually based on the water quality and volume of the sewage, the economic value of the recovery, the discharge standard and other social and economic conditions, after analysis and comparison, if necessary, it is necessary to conduct experimental research to determine the treatment process to be adopted. The general principles are: reform process, reduce pollution, recycling, comprehensive prevention and control, advanced technology, reasonable economy, etc. In process selection, attention should be paid to overall superiority, not just the pursuit of superiority in a certain link. The sewage treatment project is an important part of urban municipal construction, industrial enterprise construction, or sewage treatment meeting standards. Its construction must be carried out in accordance with the basic construction procedures. The sewage can be treated into clean water and discharged on the spot, and the debris can be pressed dry and put into the garbage can on the spot. The fertilizer is pressed dry and bagged to truly separate garbage and sewage. The whole vehicle adopts an automatic control system for pumping and discharging, which saves time and labor, and can handle dirt conveniently and quickly, achieving a multiplier effect with half the effort. One vehicle can be used for three purposes: pumping and draining, slag and water separation, pipe dredging

1. Sewage enters the coarse screen system first, and sifts out the garbage larger than 15mm (such as plastic bottles, branches, plastic bags.
2. The sewage passes through a special pump, and the sewage enters the tank. The solid waste with a diameter of 15mm to 1mm in the tank will be screened out.

3. Through the tank body, the sewage after two filtration treatments, the solid content of the sewage is already low, and the sewage enters the sewage reaction tank through the special pump, and after the reaction in the reaction tank through the corresponding special agent, it enters the screw stacker for processing , Sewage becomes clean water and discharged, sludge and other solids are solidified and pressed dry and discharged.

Advantage description

  1. Separation of large, medium and small garbage, garbage larger than 15mm (such as plastic bottles, branches, plastic bags), compressed and packed, can be put in the garbage can, and enter the municipal garbage disposal system
    2. There are 4 rolling shutters on both sides, which is convenient for the operator to operate at all angles.
    3. PLC automatic control, realizes automatic control, the user only needs to put the sewage suction pipe into the sewage, and the brake control system discharges garbage, sedimentation, silt solidification, and clear water classification from different outlets to improve the operability of the product. Reduce the labor intensity of customers
    4. The dosage of the medicament is small. After the sewage is processed in the pre-stage multi-stage treatment, only garbage less than 1mm in diameter enters the medicament treatment system, which reduces the amount of medicament used and improves the service life of the equipment. Large, medium and small garbage classification and separation
    Sewage treatment can purify water sources, save water resources, and purify sewage into wastewater that meets standards. Sewage treatment trucks can not only reduce the number of sewage treatment workers and reduce manpower and material costs. It can also increase the speed of sewage treatment and increase production efficiency. Improve sewage The processing environment makes sewage treatment more convenient and faster.
    1.The number of workers can be reduced. Unlike the previous sewage treatment methods, the operation of sewage treatment vehicles can reduce the number of workers and save labor costs.
    2. Increasing the speed of sewage treatment can treat sewage into non-polluting wastewater. Take local discharge, save the cost of transportation, and save costs.
    3. The working environment is good, and the sewage treatment truck is used for sewage treatment, which improves the sewage treatment environment. No matter what the environment is, it can be treated with a treatment truck without complicated processes.
    4. The sewage can be treated well, the sewage can be separated and treated, and the sewage can be decomposed into waste water and organic fertilizer. After treatment, the waste water can be reused, and one water can be used for multiple purposes.