The function and operation method of sewage purification vehicle
- 2018-11-05-

Now on the marketSewage purification vehicleMost of them are modified vehicles, and the purchase of such vehicles can enjoy tax exemption policies. This sewage treatment truck has a very good working effect. It can separate the dirt in the septic tank, and it also has an automatic compression function. The treated liquid can also be discharged directly.

The separated solid organic fertilizer can be used in organic fertilizer factories, agricultural gardens, flower gardens and other units. It is truly a green fertilizer. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with pipeline high-pressure cleaning pumps and devices. Flow rate: 135L/min, pressure: 17MPA-21MPA, pipe diameter: 250mm-800mm, a telescopic winch has a dual function, and realizes a multi-purpose vehicle, which can clean the septic tank and dredge the pipeline.

The function of sewage treatment truck:

1. Use the vehicle's engine to generate electricity independently, and the power source for field operations is self-sufficient.

2. Large suction power, large flow rate, self-priming height of 9 meters, flow rate of 330 cubic meters per hour.

3. Unique slag removal function (solid-liquid separation), which can dehydrate stones, bricks, woven bags, plastic bags, gloves, clothes, branches, leaves and various fiber entanglements, and pack them into bags for convenient transportation.

4. Scope of application: large-scale quantification of manure well removal, large-scale river cleanup projects, large-scale kitchen waste disposal, and can also be used for drought resistance, flood drainage, irrigation and long-distance pour water.

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