How to choose a screw stacking machine correctly
- 2020-10-24-

Rewards, punishments, and punishments for sludge have been paid attention to by people. Many businesses have noticed this business opportunity, so more and more companies have begun to set up. The products sold by so many companies are also diverse, with different types and models of sludge dewatering machines. The market is so messy, it has also led to the turbidity of the snail stacking machine market. Slowly, it is more and more difficult for customers to choose. How to choose a suitable screw stacking machine?

The following editor will introduce to you how to choose the screw stacking machine, and what is the relevant content?

How to choose a screw stacking machine:

As more and more attention is paid to the disposal of sludge, screw stacking machines that are small in size, do not require civil construction, high automation measures, and low working costs are becoming more and more popular with customers. The selection of screw stacking machines is a headache for customers. , Different types of sludge dewatering machines, screw stacking machine prices, screw stacking machine manufacturers, the size of the different selection models of the dehydration principle are not inconsistent with the comparison. If the equipment selection is not accurate, it will directly affect the customer's acquisition cost and operating cost. According to the working characteristics of the screw stacker, the selection of the screw stacker mainly focuses on the dry sludge volume, sludge moisture content, solid content, and sludge concentration.

Due to the spiral shaft rotating work, the spiral sludge dewatering machine produces axial and longitudinal kneading, and the shaft is tapered to evacuate the water in the sludge, which produces the effect of muddy water evacuation. The spiral sludge dewatering machine The selection must be summarized and considered sludge moisture content, sludge concentration and what kind of flocculant to use, the difference between the sewage or the sewage treatment process, the amount of sludge produced by the process is poor.

The screw stacking machine has a great advantage against the traditional filter press or plate frame.

Its technical advantages are expressed as:

●No clogging, reducing the amount of flushing water, saving the feet of the boat, and reducing the internal circulation burden caused by the backflow of cleaning water.

●The electric control cabinet, the flocculation mixing tank and the dehydration body are integrated, which reduces the floor space and is simple and convenient to install.

●The dehydration machine is basically closed homework, and the rewards, punishments, rewards and punishments are unchanged and timely, so that the on-site odor is reduced to improve the working environment of workers.

●Complete fully automatic 24 hours to continue work, reduce the labor intensity of the operators, and have strong work stability.

●The working speed of the screw shaft is low, 2-3 revolutions per minute, the power consumption is low, and there is no vibration and noise on the site.

●The daily protection time is short, and the protection homework is simple.