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Precautions for operation of laminated sludge dewatering machine
- 2018-11-05-

LaminatedSludge dewatering machineOperation precautions and simple troubleshooting

1. Power supply: 380V three-phase alternating current entering the electric control cabinet. The electric control cabinet needs to be connected to a ground wire (three-phase five-wire system)

2. Water source: It is necessary to check whether the pipelines are normal before starting the machine. In addition, flushing the water pipe: Because the water pressure of some users is relatively large, in order to prevent the water pipe from being squeezed, we only need the normal tap water pressure. If it exceeds the normal water pressure, a manual ball valve needs to be added to the interface for adjustment.

3. Turn on: Check whether there is any debris falling in the mixing tank before turning on, and whether the back pressure plate is tightened according to the actual use distance and not less than 3mm. When turning on the inverter, adjust to the frequency (HZ) during use, normally 50 (HZ) ). If you need to adjust the back pressure plate during the start-up process, in order to prevent accidents, you must wait until the hexagon socket screw port on the back pressure plate is turned to the upper position and then turn off the dehydrator drive motor and perform the adjustment operation.

4. Note for shutdown:

4.1 The internal cavity of the body is empty. If the machine is turned off and the operation is stopped, there is no need to empty it if it does not operate for 1-2 days. If it does not operate for more than 3 days, the back pressure plate must be opened to a greater distance, and the screw body will not enter the sewage In the case of, adjust the frequency conversion to 80 (HZ) idling for 20 minutes to allow the internal sludge to be emptied to prevent the sludge from drying in the internal cavity of the body and avoid blockage failure during the next startup.

4.2 Emptying the mixing tank, if there is no operation for more than 10 days, you need to open the ball valve under the mixing tank for emptying and cleaning to prevent solidification at the bottom and cause damage to the mixing blades.

5. Cleaning: The machine itself has an automatic spray system. In this case, the machine needs to be set to run automatically before it starts. There is also a manual flushing. In winter, open the manual water valve to prevent the water pipes from freezing.

6. Troubleshooting: If there is a comprehensive fault indication in the electric control cabinet, it is usually the motor overload. First, determine which motor is the problem according to the prompt, and then press the thermal overload reset button. If the problem occurs again, please call the manufacturer (Tel: 0510-87830724 ). Note: Before communicating with the manufacturer, the machine must not be disassembled privately, otherwise you will be responsible for all the consequences.

Dehydration effect: the normal use of the medicine needs to be dissolved in a ratio of 1-2‰, and then the dosage is adjusted according to the concentration of the sludge, so that the flocculation of alum can reach the alum of more than 5mm. If the sludge concentration is higher than 20000mg/L (that is, the usually said concentration is 98%), the distance of the back pressure plate should not be less than 5mm, and the frequency of the inverter should not be less than 25HZ (specifically according to the nature of the sludge).