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The processing method of the fixed ring of the ring piece of the screw stacking machine
- 2020-08-13-

The processing method of the fixed ring of the ring piece of the screw stacking machine

At present, in the domestic market, the use of screw stacking sludge dewatering machine is very extensive. The screw stacking machine is a kind of equipment that uses screw extrusion to remove sludge. The technology comes from Japan and is used in aquaculture wastewater treatment, food and beverage, Various industries such as papermaking and processing. No clogging, high processing efficiency and simple operation. The core body is composed of moving ring, fixed ring and screw shaft. The following introduces the processing methods of the moving and fixed rings of the screw stacking machine.

The current mainstream processing method is laser cutting of 304 stainless steel sheet. The thickness of the plate is generally about 2.5mm. As the market price of screw stacking machines once dropped, some screw stacking machine manufacturers use PA or PE injection molding to reduce equipment costs, and their thickness is generally more than 5mm. A processing method is the current mainstream processing method, and it is also a processing method adopted by most snail sludge dewatering machine manufacturers. It has convenient processing, convenient material extraction, high ring sheet hardness, strong structure, good flatness, and yield. The advantages and disadvantages of high are high cost and not resistant to chloride ion corrosion. The plastic ring has the advantages of low processing cost, certain wear resistance, high acid and alkali resistance, but the disadvantages are poor hardness, poor impact resistance, low processing accuracy, and poor structure.

What is the reason for the wear of the motorized fixed ring of the stacked screw?

1. Some moving and static rings have quality problems. After the ring is laser cut, some manufacturers do manual deburring and laser correction in order to save costs. The equipment runs without mud It will produce wear.

2. There are hard and large particles in the sludge. The main body of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel. If hard particles enter, the equipment will be severely worn, and the moving and stationary rings will also be severely worn.

This is the two main reasons for the wear of the snail sludge dewatering motor ring and the static ring. If the equipment has no quality problems, it is actually very simple to reduce the wear. While maintaining the equipment regularly, it is also necessary to prevent large particles. Enter the dehydrated body. If you have more related questions, you can call us.