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Correct use of screw stacking machine
- 2020-04-29-

Today, as a professional manufacturer, Hangzhou Co., Ltd. tells you the correct equipment method of screw stacking machine:

Features of screw stacking machine: small size, energy saving plan, treatment of oily sludge. It can treat low-concentration sludge, continuous operation and active cleaning consume less water. It can suppress secondary public hazards and maintain simple maintenance. The screw stacking machine is a small machine. The related equipment and the control cabinet are arranged on the same basis. Therefore, the equipment is very simple.

A: Before the equipment, or the appropriate filter equipment of the cleaning system is in the entire circulation system. The high-efficiency screw stacker should be installed on level concrete, and the anchor bolts should be fixed, and the body should be level and straight.

B: Check that all parts are not loose. If they are loose, please tighten the screws.

C: The operator of the screw stacker must understand the function, operation method and structure of the machine; see that the rotation is sensitive; the air is about 3-5 minutes, and the equipment in each part is normal.

D: Each capacity must not exceed the constraints of the rules; the sludge dewatering machine must pay attention to even distribution to prevent the vibration of the machine; the screw stacker must not be used for rotation at high speeds and braking equipment to prevent damage to the tape and impact The life of the machine; the cover is not allowed to place anything, in order to prevent accidents, start the machine; if the equipment is burned down, it should be stopped immediately, and the tape is checked for greasiness, rubbed with alcohol or gasoline for reuse.

The above is the correct equipment method of the screw stacking machine

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