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The difference between traditional septic tank cleaning and sewage suction purification truck cleaning
- 2020-02-26-

The difference between traditional septic tank cleaning and sewage suction purification truck cleaning

The daily management of septic tanks often has some problems:-due to aging and long-term supervision is not in place, it will overflow and backflow; second, after the accumulation of odor, it is easy to overflow through pipes and floor drains to the residents' bathrooms and kitchens, causing indoor bacterial growth; The third is the flammable and explosive gases that are prone to generate biogas; the fourth is that the manure removal team only cleans up when it is overflowing. The cleaning operations of ordinary cleaning companies are not standardized, which may cause secondary pollution to the water environment. . In addition, in order to keep costs down, the removal team does not carry out formal removal and disposal. Some excrement loading vehicles are carried all the way-dripping off the road, and some excrement is scattered to the corner of the city or dumped into the city river. , Water pipes or rainwater pipes.

Sewage suction and purification vehicle:

The sewage suction and purification truck is a semi-automatic high-tech product that specializes in treating septic tanks and quickly and harmlessly treating septic tank sewage. A new product designed with new technology and new technology. The vehicle is mainly used for the rapid and harmless treatment of septic tanks, and it can also treat other sewage containing flocculating dirt well. The pollution suction and purification vehicle is composed of automobile chassis, generator set, electric control system, sewage separation system, dosing system, stacking screw dehydration system, pressure cleaning system and so on. The car has a high degree of automation and easy operation. On the basis of absorbing various technologies of similar products at home and abroad, various humanized designs have been carried out. The reasonable and reliable design ensures the speed of sewage treatment and reduces the cost of sewage treatment. The technical performance of the whole vehicle is higher than that of similar products. At the same time, the vehicle can also be equipped with a high-pressure pump for pipe dredging.

The digital application of septic tanks for sewage suction and purification vehicles and the comprehensive utilization model of dregs have promoted the transformation of urban septic tanks from"passive cleaning to "planned cleaning", which will prevent secondary pollution. This move will benefit resources. Recycling and the overall improvement of urban livability levels, and further protection of environmental hygiene, sanitation and city appearance. This time in Shenzhen City as a pilot, the use of suction trucks for on-site treatment, not only reduces the transportation process of manure and manure liquid The second pollution, the fecal liquid is disinfected and returned to the septic tank, which greatly reduces the discharge of organic pollutants such as COD, BOD, and reduces the load on the sewage pipe network. At the same time, it encourages the implementation of the recycling of fecal residues and saves most of the waste. The dregs are converted into organic fertilizers, which effectively reduces the chemical treatment of septic tank owners and managers.

Manure tank operation and maintenance status, supervision and management risks. Realize the combination of scientific management methods and high-tech monitoring equipment, strengthen the monitoring of septic tanks, and effectively warn of problems such as clogging and overflow.