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Wastewater treatment vehicles bring more green to our environment
- 2020-04-22-

In our daily life, all kinds of pollution are produced every day. Its composition is relatively complex, and it contains many components that are seriously harmful to the environment and human health. We need to be able to discharge these liquids into the environment through effective purification. . At present, the traditional sewage purification equipment is not movable, and the volume is relatively large, and the cost is high. Most of them use traditional purification methods, which are relatively expensive and inefficient. In the future, the amount of garbage generated in people's lives will increase rapidly, but the problem of purification will become a problem in our lives.

Improper purification will cause great pollution and harm to the nearby soil environment, and the harm to water quality and soil will affect the water quality and soil for a long time. There are three main sources of production. The first is the landfill waste in life. These come from some landfills and are very troublesome to purify. The second is the sewage generated by the incineration of domestic waste. If some sewage purification projects are built, the cost will be very high and it will be purified. The efficiency is low, and the other is that sewage will be generated in the purification of some food waste.