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Introduction to the composition system of the screw stacking machine
- 2019-05-28-

The stacked screw sludge dewatering machine integrates a fully automatic control cabinet, a flocculation and conditioning tank, a sludge thickening and dewatering body, and a collecting tank in one. It can complete efficient flocculation under fully automatic operation, and complete sludge concentration successively Working with squeezing and dewatering, the collected filtrate is returned or discharged. Let's take a look at the composition of the snail sludge dewatering machine.

1. Stacked spiral body

The stacked screw body is composed of a fixed ring, a moving ring, a screw shaft, a screw, a gasket, and a number of connecting plates. The fixed ring is connected by six screws. A gasket and a moving ring are installed between the fixed rings. Both the fixed ring and the traveling ring are made of wear-resistant materials, which makes the life of the whole machine longer. The screw shaft passes through the center of the fixed ring and the traveling ring, and the traveling ring is hollow on the screw shaft.

2. Spiral shaft

The spiral shaft is composed of a shaft and a spiral blade, and the shaft is welded by the shaft and the hollow shaft. Assembling welding is to first weld the shaft and the hollow shaft, then perform rough turning after welding to ensure the coaxiality of the two shafts, and then weld the spiral blade and the shaft by full welding.

3. Drive equipment

The driving equipment is the power source of the equipment, and the function of the driving equipment will directly affect the function of the whole machine. For this reason, our company selects a motor with superior functions, the motor protection class is IP54, and the insulation class is F. The motor complies with IEC specifications, and the power supply is 380V AC/3PH/50 Hz.

4. Filtrate tank

The filtrate tank is welded by plates and is used to collect the filtrate filtered by the main body of the stacked screw. The filtrate tank is connected with the frame through screws and flanges are provided on the side of the filtrate tank to connect with external equipment. .

5. Hybrid system

The mixing system is mainly used to fully mix the sludge and the medicament to form the alum and enter it into the main body of the snail for squeezing and dehydration.