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Analysis of the characteristics of sewage purification vehicles
- 2018-11-05-

Sewage treatment trucks have many characteristics, but also many advantages. In summary, they are reflected in the following aspects:
1. Realize mobile operation. Put in a piece of equipment, you can work across regions and scopes, and you no longer have to worry about the mobility of the equipment.
2. Continuous operation is realized. Because the equipment adopts automation technology, it can realize 24-hour operation.
3. Improve the progress of the operation. Compared with manual operations, sanitation equipment has higher operating efficiency and a greater amount of work per unit time.
4. Increased the scope of use. Sanitation equipment is not only limited to urban environmental sanitation cleaning, but can also be used in the construction field, domestic wastewater treatment, and sewage pipeline sludge cleaning.

The product features of the sewage treatment truck are as follows:

1. The car can be blue-labeled, and can be used in first-tier cities during the day, so that customers can have more freedom in working hours;

2. The car can be operated with an external three-phase power supply or with the body's own power, which can be suitable for a variety of working environments, and can reduce working costs when using an external power supply;

3. The truck is different from other sewage suction trucks or fecal suction trucks with tank capacity restrictions. The sewage treatment truck can be operated continuously, and no matter how large the septic tank is, it can be completed in one operation without transportation and treatment;

Fourth, the sewage treatment vehicle has a higher degree of cleaning, more comprehensive and clean, and can also achieve thorough cleaning, that is, completely clean the septic tank or sewage tank;

5. The vehicle has a fast operating time, which saves a lot of time for customers, and has less exhaust emissions, which is more environmentally friendly;

6. The period of re-cleaning is short, and the clean-up time is guaranteed for one year;

7. The degree of safety is high. More than 90% of the clean-up work is done mechanically. The amount of manual work is very small. Scientific process control ensures the safety of the work site and operators.

The sewage treatment truck has good performance and adopts automatic operation technology. When operating, it adopts a button-type operation design.Sewage purification vehicleOne-button start, the device can operate normally, and separate the sewage and waste residue in the septic tank. Through the test of the treated sewage, it has been found that the domestic sewage discharge standard has been reached. At the same time, the waste residue in the septic tank is effectively treated to make it waste material, realizing the reuse of resources.