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Analysis of automatic operation process of polymer automatic infusion machine
- 2018-11-05-

PolymerAutomatic infusion machineAnalysis of automatic operation process:

Automatic control of three liquid levels (high, low, low and low) in the tank

Refer to the system process diagram: the speed of the system liquid level rise and fall is controlled by the outlet flow. The liquid level rise and fall are only generated in the three tanks, and the liquid level of the first and second tanks will not change.

1.7.1. When the liquid medicine drops to a low level (the liquid medicine is insufficient, the configuration function starts)

The two mixers start to run-the solenoid valve is opened, and the water enters-after a short lag, the frequency conversion motor drives the feeding screw to work, and the PAM powder medicament dosing starts (or the dosing pump works, and the liquid PAM is added).

1.7.2. When the third tank liquid medicine rises to the high water level (the liquid medicine is enough, stop the preparation)

The solenoid valve is closed and the water is stopped-the variable frequency motor stops running after a short lag. The preparation is complete.

Under normal automatic operation control, the equipment will circulate in a cycle of 1 and 2 steps. It can ensure that the third tank always has a sufficient amount of mature liquid medicine available for use.

1.7.3. When the liquid chemical drops from a low level to a low low level (the protection function is activated), the whole system will be shut down and an audible and visual alarm will occur. At this time, the equipment should be overhauled to find out the fault point. It means that there is no response or incomplete response in step 3.7.2.

Tips: a. Abnormal water source; b. Abnormal liquid level sensor; c. Abnormal water inlet solenoid valve.

1.7.4. When the water pressure is lower than the set value, the equipment will give an alarm (the water pressure gauge is installed on the dilution device).

Tip: Abnormal water pressure, or water cut.

3.7.5 Reliability and durability of equipment

a) The trouble-free operation time of the equipment shall not be less than 20000 hours.

b) The life of the whole machine is not less than 10 years.

c) The service life of electrical components is not less than 5 years, the reducer bearing is not less than 15 years, and the protective coating is not less than 10 years.

d) If the coating is damaged during transportation and installation, it shall be repaired strictly in accordance with the coating process, and its quality level shall not be lower than that of the original coating.