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Maintenance and maintenance of automatic infusion machine
- 2018-11-05-

universalAutomatic infusion machineMaintenance and maintenance of:

1. Check whether the connections of equipment and pipelines are tight, and whether there is any leakage. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in time.

2. Check whether there is sufficient lubricating oil in the mixer, feeder, screw pump and each lubrication point. If it is insufficient, add oil in time.

3. After each use of the dosing device, the powder deposits on the feeding screw must be cleaned up in time. At the same time, the deposits in the dry powder box and on the material level detection probe must be cleaned up. Be careful not to rinse with clean water.

4. Regularly clean up the deposits on the mixer blades and central shaft in the pharmaceutical equipment to avoid unbalanced operation and damage to the motor.

5. Regularly clean up the deposits in the pharmaceutical box to prevent these deposits from clogging the pharmaceutical equipment and the screw pump.

6. The sediment in the overflow pipeline must be cleaned up in time to prevent the pharmaceutical device from overflowing due to blockage.

7. Special attention must be paid to whether there are deposits in the inlet and outlet pipes of the screw pump. If there is, it should be cleaned and removed immediately.

8. Before starting the screw pump, you must turn the coupling by hand to check whether there is any collision or jamming of foreign objects in the pump. If any, it should be eliminated immediately.

9. It is necessary to inspect the screw pump frequently for the following conditions: serious leakage, abnormal vibration, peculiar smell, sparks, smoke, impact, and continuous high current. If any, stop the pump immediately.

10. The bearing temperature of the screw pump should be checked frequently, and it should not exceed 80°C.

11. If the dosing device is not used for a long time, the liquid medicine in the pharmaceutical box should be discharged and rinsed with clean water. It is also necessary to empty the dry powder box and the dry powder in the feeding pipe to prevent the dry powder from being damp and condensing into blocks and damaging the feeding screw.