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Operating cost of laminated sludge dewatering machine
- 2018-11-05-

Initial investment:

The laminated type produced by our companySludge dewatering machineIt occupies a small space (the smallest equipment occupies an area of ​​about 1.4 square meters, and the largest equipment occupies an area of ​​about 16 square meters). When planning the dehydration machine room, the user's land cost can be reduced to the greatest extent.

The dewatering machine has no vibration during use, so there is no need to build the foundation separately for this purpose. It only needs to be fixed on the level ground with expansion screws (of course, if the mud volume is relatively large, when using the conveyor device, the mud outlet and the mud outlet must be considered. The height of the conveyor is matched).

Using this dewatering machine, other supporting equipment are: dissolving device (automatic or semi-automatic), metering pump (transporting dissolved chemicals), sludge pump (transporting sludge, submersible sewage pump, screw pump) , Conveyor (according to the user's choice), does not need to be equipped with a high-pressure pump like a belt machine, and a centrifuge is equipped with a sludge cutting machine, etc.

Operation input (take ZC-303 model as an example):

The standard processing capacity of ZC-303 is 150kg-ds/h. According to the sewage concentration of 10000mg/l, the equipment can treat sewage with a flow rate of 15m³ in one hour.

Power consumption: The power of ZC-303 is 1.95kw/h. From this we can know: The electricity consumption for processing one ton of sewage is 0.13kw, and the reference price of industrial electricity is 1.5 yuan/kw, which is equivalent to 0.2 yuan. /Ton.

Water consumption: The water consumption of ZC-303 is 120L/h. Because of the unique structure principle, it will not be blocked, so it does not need a lot of water for washing. During use, as the use time increases, some sludge will inevitably appear on the surface of the dehydration body. In order to maintain the beauty of the site, it can be washed with water (tap water or reclaimed water). The dehydration equipment is equipped with an automatic spray system. The standard setting is 4 times/hour, 20 seconds/time (the user can adjust by himself through the electric control cabinet). Water consumption is very small and can be ignored.

Agent: Generally, we need to use 3 kg of PAM dry powder to process 1 ton of absolute dry mud (basically equivalent to 5 tons of mud cake from the dewatering machine). According to the sludge concentration of 10000mg/l, one ton of sewage produces absolute dry mud. 10kg, it is calculated that 30g is required to use the medicine. PAM is calculated according to the general price of 20,000 yuan/ton (0.02 yuan/g), and the required cost is 0.6 yuan/ton.

Manual: Since the equipment can run continuously for 24 hours, only one button is needed to turn on and off, so the dehydration machine room can be equipped with one worker at most.

It can be concluded that the cost of processing one ton of sewage with a sludge concentration of 10,000 mg/l is about 0.8 yuan/ton.