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Sludge dewatering machine manufacturers tell you common sludge dewatering agents
- 2019-04-16-

The normal use of sludge dewatering machine requires the cooperation of sludge dewatering agents. Today, Hangzhou Co., Ltd., a professional sludge dewatering machine manufacturer, tells you about common sludge dewatering agents:

Polyaluminum chloride pac, also known as water purifier, is called xanthate in some industries, because of its appearance of yellow particles or powder. For this kind of agent as a sludge dewatering agent, the common industries are coal washing plants and sand washing plants. The sewage concentration is not high. The use of belt filter press dewatering equipment can perform sludge dewatering well.

Polyacrylamide pam, also known as flocculant, is also called Baiyao in some industries. Because of its appearance is small white particles or powder, this agent has a good flocculation effect, so it is used as a common product for sludge dewatering agents.

Such as ferric chloride, polyferric sulfate, aluminum sulfate, lime, polyaluminum ferric chloride, etc., whose main function is to flocculate and settle with the sludge in the sewage, so as to enter the dehydration equipment to achieve the purpose of sludge dewatering

Hangzhou Co., Ltd. is located in China Energy Conservation Industrial Park, Yixing City, the hometown of environmental protection in China. It is an enterprise specializing in the design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of sewage treatment equipment. The laminated sludge dewatering machine produced by the company has the advantages of non-clogging, simple operation, self-cleaning, water-saving and electricity-saving, and durable. It can be widely used in municipal, petroleum, chemical, food, paper, slaughter, breeding, printing and dyeing, Pharmaceutical, leather and other industries. At the same time, the mobile solid-liquid separation device (sewage purification vehicle) independently developed by the company can be used for septic tank cleaning, river pond dredging, piling sludge treatment, etc. Since it was put on the market in 2014, it has been continuously improved and improved and has been used Unanimously recognized by the unit, our company currently provides sludge dewatering services in the vicinity of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. In addition, the company also produces sludge dewatering machine room supporting equipment such as fully automatic infusion machines, shaftless screw conveyors and so on.