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How to save the most cost on the principle of drying of sludge dewatering truck
- 2019-04-09-

usually,Sludge Dewatering TruckThe dehydration and drying is mainly achieved through heat exchange. That is, the sludge with higher humidity enters the dehydration and drying equipment through the conveying equipment, and flows in the same direction with the hot air flow in the dehydration and drying equipment, so that the moisture on the surface is quickly evaporated.

With the continuous rolling of the dewatering and drying equipment, the sludge is constantly raised and lowered under the action of the internal copying plate. The internal cross section of the drum constitutes a better material curtain than the sludge treatment equipment, which strengthens the heat and mass transfer function. This effectively ensures the speed and quality of sludge dewatering and drying.

Nowadays, the daily operations of many breeding and animal husbandry units have a large amount of corporate wastewater. More and more wastewater treatment sites are planned and expanded, and wastewater needs to be treated. The state attaches great importance to environmental protection and strict management. All kinds of enterprises have been paid attention to by social issues and have become the focus of the current environmental protection circle. Therefore, the sludge dehydration treatment process is widely mentioned. For owners and users, what kind of sludge is used in the animal husbandry sewage treatment station Does the dehydrator save money?

In the animal husbandry sewage treatment station, the sewage that needs to be treated is in the daily operation and life. The waste water and feces and other mixtures generated by raising livestock, pigs, cattle, sheep and other animals, solid-liquid separation or sludge dewatering process, sludge dewatering equipment The stacked screw sludge dewatering machine is more cost-effective.

Compared with the plate and frame filter press, the stacking screw dehydration efficiency is high, and the 304 stainless steel material greatly extends the service life of the equipment, continuous operation, long time, high degree of automation, 24 hours unattended operation, and a spray system on the top of the equipment , The sludge can be washed and the equipment is not easy to be blocked. Compared with the belt sludge dewatering machine, the stacking screw pays more attention to the compact design, which occupies a small area and is convenient for mobile transportation; the dewatering function is good, and it can be operated around the clock with high efficiency; the operating cost is low, and there is no need to build a sludge tank for storage. Save costs and expenses. Compared with centrifuges, screw stackers have low energy consumption, less water and electricity resources, save operating costs, do not need repairs and maintenance, later use costs are reduced, do not require manual operation and guards, and save labor costs.

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