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How to measure the working performance of sludge dehydrator filter press equipment
- 2020-10-15-

How to measure the working performance of sludge dehydrator filter press equipment

For municipal sludge, the tension of the filter belt has relative economic value. The more the number of roller stages, the larger the diameter of each roller stage, the longer the sludge path and the longer the extrusion time, the better the effect, but the cost and volume will also increase. How to measure the performance of sludge dehydrator filter press equipment? Here is a brief introduction:

Sludge dewatering machine filter press equipment

(1) Treatment capacity Both the amount of wet sludge treated and the solid load of sludge can quantify the treatment capacity of the belt machine. Since the belt dewatering machine separates water from the sludge by gravity and squeezing force, the object it pushes is the liquid phase in the sludge, so the amount of wet sludge is more intuitive than the sludge solid load index; two The indicators are all related to the bandwidth. The wider the filter band, the greater the processing capacity, that is, the processing capacity and the bandwidth have a certain linear relationship.

(2) Dewatering effect The dewatering effect of the sludge dewatering machine firstly depends on the dosage. Other influencing factors include the belt speed of the dewatering machine, the tension of the filter belt, and the number of roller stages. The dewatering efficiency of the belt conveyor in the gravity concentration zone is high, and the dewatering amount is also large. The better the sludge conditioning effect, the more the dosage, the higher the solid content of the sludge. Therefore, the dehydration effect is proportional to the amount of chemical added, and also proportional to the cost of sludge dehydration.

(3) Filter belt system The filter belt is also called filter cloth, which is generally woven with monofilament polyester fiber. The filter belt is one of the parts that wear fast in the belt dehydrator, so its material should have high tensile strength and durability. Features such as twists and turns, acid and alkali resistance, and temperature change resistance.

(4) The high-pressure air system is inseparable from the high-pressure air and high-pressure water system due to the work of the sludge dewatering machine. The connecting pipes and valves of the system are relatively small, and the strength is relatively low. In actual operation, it is easy to corrode the structure, and the sealing part is easy to age and loosen, causing the system to leak and block the pneumatic components.