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Convenience of sludge dewatering truck
- 2019-12-26-

Sludge treatment has always been a concern of environmental sanitation departments and enterprises. Especially in recent years, environmental protection requirements have become more and more stringent, and sludge treatment has become a livelihood topic of concern to the general public. It is understood that some advanced technologies have been applied to the manufacturing industry, and many new types of equipment and machines have emerged. The sludge dewatering truck is the product of advanced technology. So, what are the conveniences of using this device?

One of the conveniences is to reduce the number of operators. Compared with traditional sludge treatment methods, the number of operators can be greatly reduced. One person operates one piece of equipment and is responsible for one area. According to estimates, the operator can save about 90%. The second convenience is to improve the sludge treatment speed and standards. Mobile sludge treatment equipment can immediately turn sewage into standard wastewater. In addition to processing standards, the processing speed has also been improved. The speed of mobile sludge treatment equipment is related to the specifications and models of the equipment. The environmental sanitation department or enterprise can select the specifications and models before customizing to meet the requirements of use. Convenience three, no longer worry about bad working environment. The use of mobile sludge treatment equipment improves the working environment of the operators. Even if the environment is harsh and difficult, the sanitation workers can do it in one-click operation in the vehicle. Convenience four, effective treatment and utilization of sludge. It is understood that the sludge treatment equipment can separate sewage and sludge, that is, separate up-to-standard wastewater and nutrient-containing fertilizers.

Nowadays, cleanliness and tidiness have become people's pursuit of life. If cities, communities, factories and mines can maintain a clean and comfortable environment, they may wish to introduce sludge dewatering trucks. With this device, 24-hour operation can be achieved, and at the same time, the work intensity of sanitation workers can be greatly reduced.