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How does the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine work in the production of soy protein?
- 2019-07-23-

A lot of waste water occurs during the processing of soy protein. This type of wastewater is high temperature, acidic, high suspended solids (SS in 1000-5000mg/L), high concentration organic containing vegetable protein, sugars, salts, many free chloride ions, sulfate ions and phosphates. Wastewater (COD in 10000-30000mg/L). Therefore, most of the scum in the wastewater is removed by the method of dosing air flotation for this type of sewage, and then the anaerobic biochemical process is used to remove organic matter (such as the UASB process or the IC process), so a lot of anaerobic sludge will also occur.

The sludge dewatering of anaerobic biochemical sludge is similar to the dewatering of biochemical sludge in municipal sewage plants, and because it is an anaerobic process, the organic matter in the sludge is less than that of aerobic sludge, and the dehydration effect will be ideal. When the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine produced by Jiangsu Sanhui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is used for sludge dewatering, the moisture content of the mud cake can be stabilized between 77% and 80%. There are two factors that limit the dewatering of sludge in the protein residue caused by air flotation:

1. Because there was one dosing before the air flotation, the flocculation effect of the second dosing during dehydration is not as good as the biochemical sludge, and the dosing is often excessive, causing the flocculant to wrap a lot of water and be very viscous;

2. The protein residue itself is a plant organism and contains high intracellular moisture, which cannot be removed by mechanical means.

When using a stacked screw sludge dewatering machine and a supporting specific type of polymer flocculant for dewatering, the practical treatment effect is: Regardless of the treatment capacity, it can achieve a moisture content below 80%; but in ensuring the standard treatment capacity of the equipment (200 -240Kg-DS/h), the water content can be stabilized within 83%.

The stacked screw sludge dehydrator has gradually been recognized by professional users of protein processing because of its good processing effect, water saving and energy saving, and easy operation and maintenance. Practical operation conditions also indicate that the use of the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine for protein professional dehydration can bring many conveniences such as worry-free, labor-saving, and money-saving, and create considerable economic and social benefits for professional protein users.