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What causes the slow start of the sludge dewatering machine
- 2020-12-01-

The sludge dewatering machine is a continuous operation of sludge treatment equipment. Because of the low water content of the sludge, the stable operation, low energy consumption, relatively simple control and handling, and convenient maintenance are popular.

There are roughly three types of sludge in sewage treatment plants: physicochemical sludge, biochemical sludge, and physicochemical and biochemical mixed sludge. There are certain differences in the adaptation of various sludge dewatering machines. Nowadays, the common models of domestic sludge dewatering machines are: centrifugal type, filter belt type, spiral ring type and plate and frame type. For the dewatering of sedimented sludge, the selection and proportioning of flocculants are critical. The flocculation effect is good and the dewatering of sludge is relatively smooth.

In daily operation, sometimes you will find that the sludge dewatering machine starts slowly. What is the reason? Today Yixing Chengken Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will show you

1: The pneumatic diaphragm pump of the sludge dehydrator fails to start

2: Check whether the steam filter and lubrication equipment are working normally, if not, they should be replaced in time.

3: Check whether there are impurities or other objects at the bottom of the air valve blocking the air inlet of the valve.

4: Check whether the motion axis is worn, or the position is shifted and jammed. If there is, the position needs to be adjusted.

The reason for the slow start of the sludge dewatering machine can be found through the above inspection

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