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Did you choose the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine to avoid these big pits?
- 2020-02-13-

There are many points to avoid when choosing a screw-stacking sludge dewatering machine. For example, the dewatering spindle of the screw-stacking machine, the dynamic and static ring pieces, the amount of material and the supporting equipment, etc., are the key points that need to be understood. Points to pay attention to for screw machines, see if the screw-stacked sludge dewatering machine you choose avoids these big pits?

Before purchasing a screw stacker, it is necessary to have an understanding of the screw stacker. The screw spindle and moving and static rings of the screw stacker are the main core components of the equipment, which are also the key points for determining the cost and price, which can directly affect the stable operation of the equipment. And service life, but this feature is invisible from the appearance of the equipment, so many manufacturers make a fuss about this, reduce the thickness of the equipment plate, in order to save the cost price of raw materials, and fight a price war in the market. It won’t last long. After using it, the user will know that the service life of the equipment is very short. There are often problems of various styles that need to be solved. The constant after-sales problems will come to the door, and the investment will become more and more expensive. Therefore, once you become an owner who purchases inferior products, you are likely to lose more direct capital and economic expenses due to the equipment. Therefore, the main concern is the spiral main shaft and the moving and static ring pieces in the screw stacking machine. Multiple processing techniques such as grinding, welding, leveling, and heat treatment will affect the use of equipment.

Did you avoid this big pit with the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine? A basic understanding of the process is required. The processing accuracy is used to confirm whether the equipment is a regular standard product, and the actual information provided by the manufacturer is used to determine whether the equipment is suitable for its own industry, and whether the manufacturer is a formal manufacturing enterprise. Qualifications, qualifications, experience, etc., when we have enough understanding of these, we will have enough confidence and confidence in the manufacturer.