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The difference between stacked screw sludge dewatering machine and plate type
- 2020-07-15-

There are many common machines and equipment in the market for sludge treatment equipment, such as stack screw sludge dewatering machine, screw stacking machine, and plate and frame filter press. The equipment is different, and the actual effect of different equipment is different.

The following editor will introduce the difference between the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine and the plate type:

The difference between screw stacking machine and plate type:

Now that the frame can be used, it has many advantages so far, such as: perfect technical control, strong driving force for extrusion molding, low water content of mud cake, and easy to use for the solution of inorganic sludge. There may be benefits but also defects, such as: the filter frame feeder port is very easy to obstruct, the mud cake is not easy to remove, it is impossible to operate continuously, the mud output is small, the general material square plate is not easy to be broken in the pressure test, and the pressure test is easy to break. The filter cloth of the filter is expensive, the plate and frame are not unmanned, and the filter cloth of the filter press often needs to be manually broken, and it is not suitable to solve the oil-soluble sludge.

Now that the screw stacker can be adopted by many customers in a short period of time, many manufacturing industries are also slowly replacing other filter press machines and equipment for a reason. For example, the application manufacturing industry is widespread, It is suitable for the desiccation of high and low concentration sludge. The snail dewatering machine has an exquisite design scheme and a small area. It does not need a foundation to support the extraction tank and storage tank, which reduces the cost of foundation support, and reduces the release of phosphorus and the waste gas of anaerobic fermentation. Cause. It does not block, has the function of self-cleaning, and is especially suitable for solving oil-soluble sludge. There is no need to carry out cleaning to prevent the obstruction of the filter seam, reduce the water requirement for cleaning, and reduce the internal circulation of the car. Low speed ratio, low power consumption and low noise. Easy to use, high degree of automation technology, labor saving. Use these for a long time. Defects: not longer than silt with large particles and strong strength. Snail sludge treatment and punishment equipment has been introduced to China for a short time and there is no established industry standard. As a result, there are mixed good and bad producers.

1. The same thing is under the standard (such as the output power of the infusion pump and its working hours, etc.). The plate-type chamber filter press can be influenced by the external force of mechanical equipment to reduce the volume in the filter plate mouth of the filter press, squeeze the water in the filter residue, and further reduce its water content.

2. At this stage, some well-known brands of chamber filter presses in various countries have reduced the water content of the filter residue along with the increase in working hours of the infusion pump. From the working time of the infusion pump-the characteristic curve of the water content of the filter residue, the working time of the infusion pump-the characteristic curve of the water content of the filter residue are very similar. In the first 3 hours of the infusion pump, the reduction in the water content of the filter residue was relatively prominent, from the initial 99% to about 82% (reducing the intensity by 17%), and the bottle pump will continue to work in the future. In about 5 hours, its water content will drop to about 75% (the reduction rate is only 7%). The plate-type chamber filter press flexibly uses the characteristics of the infusion pump's working hours-the characteristics of the water content of the filter residue characteristic curve. The infusion pump will be terminated after 3 hours of operation. The rigidity shielding layer cushion is removed and the external force is used to induce P3 squeezes a part of the water in the filter residue, so that the water content of the filter residue can be quickly slid to about 75%, which greatly reduces the time for the filter residue to exit the filter plate-filter frame of the filter press, and improves the work efficiency. It can be seen that the plate filter press is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, high-efficiency and green product.

The plate and frame filter press is formed according to the extrusion of the plate frame, so that the water in the sludge is discharged according to the filter cloth of the filter press to achieve the purpose of drying. It is mainly composed of concave filter press filter plate, frame layout, automatic-pneumatic closed system software measuring plate hanging system, filter press filter plate vibration system software, high-pressure gas equipment, filter press filter cloth, high pressure It is composed of cleaning equipment and photoelectric shielding device on one side of the shell. Its advantages are: low price, high solid content of mud cake; disadvantages: continuous operation, large area, and high frequency of maintenance. Therefore, most sewage treatment stations no longer use this machine.