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Reasons for the high moisture content of the screw stacking machine
- 2019-09-09-

Today, Hangzhou Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the reasons for the high moisture content of the screw stacker:

1. The sludge conditioning is not successful, and the conditioning is not performed according to the quality of the sludge, which destroys the hydrophilicity of the sludge.

2. The sludge is of complex quality, high in organic matter, and the sludge particles are too hydrophilic.

3. The pressure of the sludge dewatering equipment is too low and the degree of squeezing of the sludge is not enough, which is also the main reason.

A large amount of organic matter in the water increases, resulting in an increase in the hydrophilicity of mud. The organic matter content has a great influence on the moisture content of the mud cake. The moisture content of the mud cake of mechanically purified water will be about 50%. When it becomes water containing a lot of organic matter, the moisture content of the mud cake will drop to 100%. Of seventy-five. The solidified moisture content of the mud is between 50-60%, so no matter how you adjust it, the dehydrated mud cake cannot be solidified.

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