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Why does the mud drop after the screw stacker is dehydrated?
- 2019-08-19-

Because of the insufficient dosage, when it is converted into mud shale, the dehydration function will decrease, so tests should be carried out to determine the appropriate dry sludge o-phenylenediamine. Dispensing is sometimes because of incorrect dispensing concentration and too high concentration. The flocculant is not easy to dissolve completely. Although it is sufficient for measurement, the modulation effect is not good. Sometimes it is because the location of the dosing point is unreasonable, resulting in too long or too short flocculation time. We should test and adjust the above situation. The belt speed is too high. If the belt speed is too high and the mud cake is thin, resulting in a decrease in solid content, the belt speed should be reduced in time, and the thickness of the mud cake should generally be 5-10 mm. The belt tension is too low. This does not guarantee the squeezing force and shearing force to be satisfied, but to reduce the solid content, the tension should be increased appropriately. The filter cannot filter out the water, it is to reduce the solid content, so it should stop running and flush the filter belt.

When installing the screw stacker, pay attention to the selection of the climate, and do not install the power cord in the sludge treatment equipment in a thunderstorm climate. In any case, the power supply must be blocked for devices that touch parts. Before that, the power supply should be recovered after all the work is completed. When the sludge treatment equipment is powered off, there must be an independent power switch device, and it must not be used together with other equipment, otherwise it will cause insufficient voltage and affect the abnormal operation of the equipment and the risk of fire. Before the user installs, it is best to clean or install a proper filtration system in the entire circulation system. When installing the equipment, it should be installed on the level of the concrete, fixed on the bolts, and the body and straightness should be ensured. After the sludge treatment equipment is installed, carefully check whether each part of the accessories is loose, please loosen the fastening.

The two nitrogen and phosphorus treatment methods of landfill leachate are better than the general biological method. The average phosphorus removal rate is 90.5%; the average nitrogen removal rate is 67.5%. In addition, the two pieces of legally operated anaerobic and aerobic biological treatments formed a lot of NH3N in the first phase, which made the second piece difficult and the two aerobic treatments of landfill leachate treatment lasted too long. After a period of time, the concentrated period of belt usage may stretch slightly and should be tightened. The tension of the tension band can be adjusted by the tension spring. The general machine range is 0 ~ 0.6 KN. The adjustment should be parallel to the two ends. The belt tension of the filter section is controlled by air pressure, and the tension can be adjusted by the pneumatic system pressure regulator. The maximum tensile stress of the work is less than 0.4 MPa, and the general machine is less than 0.6 MPa, in case it is used.