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The stack screw type sludge dewatering machine manufacturer tells you what determines the price of water treatment
- 2019-05-10-

In the 21st century with rapid technological development, product update iterations are the same as stocks, with a price per day. The same sewage treatment equipment is the same. Consumers who have purchased sewage treatment equipment must know that the prices of sewage treatment equipment on the market are very different. So what causes the price gap of sewage treatment equipment to be so large? the followingStacked screw sludge dewatering machineThe editor of the manufacturer will take us to understand what are the price factors that determine the price of sewage treatment equipment.

1. Sewage treatment equipment materials When it comes to the factors affecting the price of sewage treatment equipment, the difference between materials is inevitable. Generally, the materials used in sewage treatment equipment are glass fiber reinforced plastic and carbon steel. When purchasing equipment, you need to ask the supplier about the materials used. And other conditions are the same, the price of different materials will be very different.

2. The function of sewage treatment equipment The second factor that affects the price of sewage treatment equipment is that the manufacturer is different. When we buy sewage treatment equipment, no matter how the supplier who provides you with the equipment introduces the superior functions of the equipment, we should let the supplier provide And then send people to the site to investigate its on-site sewage treatment role. Although it may delay some time, it is really critical.

3. Sewage treatment equipment process and discharge specifications Sewage treatment equipment must be purchased based on different treatment processes, treatment requirements, and treatment scale. For manufacturers of production equipment, the cost of accessories and raw materials for production equipment has naturally increased the price. Will also increase prices.

There is no uniform standard for the price of sewage treatment equipment, and it is more targeted. Generally, specific solutions are adopted for specific problems. The decisive factors affecting the price are the quality of sewage, the second is the amount of sewage treated, and the third is the discharge specification after treatment. The fourth is the requirements for process raw materials of sewage treatment equipment. This is the end of the introduction about which factors will affect the price of sewage treatment equipment. Different aspects of sewage treatment equipment will cause price changes. Therefore, when selecting sewage treatment equipment, you should not only pay attention to the price, but also understand what the sewage treatment equipment should do. Selection is also very important.