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Advantages of sewage purification vehicle
- 2019-10-22-

Sewage purification truck specifications: 5.2M*2.2M*2.4M Curb weight: 5.5 t Price: 758,000 Power generation: 30KW Diameter of suction pipe: 4 inches: Effect: 30 cubic meters per hour, no need to return for transportation, no on-site treatment Peculiar smell, sewage becomes clear water, garbage is extracted, manure or sludge is also completely separated, and the dry humidity reaches more than 70%, which can be used as raw material for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

Accessories: one generator, one electric box, one set of fecal suction pipe, 4 sets of joint pipes.

Advantages and characteristics of sewage purification vehicles:

①Sewage and sewage separators, sewage and sewage separators, and separated fecal suction trucks directly sold by manufacturers;

②Global high-level fecal suction truck with low cost and energy consumption. Fecal suction truck: access to three-phase electricity for construction, zero fuel consumption, energy saving and environmental protection;

③Classic product processing mode: on-site processing, on-site pressing and drying, turning waste into treasure, and on-site discharge, which can discharge clean water, not for transportation;

④Direct pumping and direct discharge, not used for return transportation, instead of the traditional suction truck construction mode: loading-transport-unloading-return, one such equipment on top of 5-8 traditional suction trucks efficiency and benefit. High efficiency;

⑤No noise, no peculiar smell, no secondary pollution, high suction. The design is novel, the variety is complete, the quality is reliable, the after-sales is perfect, and the price is low.

It is easy to transport, can be used directly as organic fertilizer, can be directly used as fertilizer for fruit trees and forest trees and as a raw material for organic fertilizer.

· It is the best "tonic" for botanical gardens and flower gardens

· It is an excellent nutrient for incubating bamboo shoots

· It is a good feed for chickens, ducks and fish,

· Direct sales of organic fertilizers can obtain additional economic benefits. Liquid substance obtained after treatment:

· After anaerobic treatment, biogas can be produced, which can be used as fuel or power generation energy. At the same time, it solves the problem of short service life of biogas digesters due to blockage of solid residues.