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Why is the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine favored by small sewage treatment plants?
- 2019-01-08-

At the end of September 2018, our company reached a cooperation agreement with an environmental protection engineering company in Guizhou. Our company is responsible for the supply of sludge dewatering equipment and dosing devices for more than ten small sewage treatment plants in Guizhou. WhyStacked screw sludge dewateringIs the machine favored by small sewage treatment plants? The unique advantages of this device will be described below:

Governance background:The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to rural sewage treatment, and General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions on rural sewage treatment many times. Implement rural domestic sewage treatment"Rural Revitalization Strategy" and the important work content of improving the rural human settlement environment. At the National Conference on Ecological Environment Protection, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned that with rural garbage, sewage treatment and village appearance improvement as the main direction, to promote the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment, regional investment in rural areas should be tilted in this regard. We must promote green development and prevent and control environmental pollution from the source.

Characteristics of township sewage:

1. Water quality characteristics:The rural population is widely distributed and scattered, livingSewageThe concentration of pollutants in the medium is low, and the amount of water changes greatly,The concentration of BOD and COD is generally higher than that of urban domestic sewage, and its biodegradability is better.

2. Water characteristics:①The water volume is small. Generally, rural households are relatively scattered, with relatively small number of single households, and the amount of domestic sewage generated is also small. Generally speaking, the average per capita drainage in rural areas is 25-70 liters per person per day, and its high and low values ​​are related to the farmers' water-saving awareness and have little to do with economic conditions. The drainage/water consumption is 40%-85%; ②The coefficient of change is large. The living patterns of the villagers are similar. The discharge of sewage in the morning, noon, and evening is larger than other times of the day, and the discharge at night is small, and the flow may even be cut off. It has the characteristics of large variation and discontinuity.

Advantages of screw stacking machine:

①Widely applicable: suitable for dewatering of high and low concentration sludge. When dewatering low-concentration sludge, there is no need to build thickening tanks and storage tanks, which reduces construction costs and reduces the release of phosphorus and the generation of anaerobic odors.

②It is not easy to be clogged: It has the function of self-cleaning and does not need to be cleaned to prevent clogging of the filter, reducing the amount of flushing water and reducing the burden of internal circulation.

③Simple operation: 24 hours continuous unmanned operation can be realized. Daily maintenance time is short and maintenance operations are simple. The work intensity is small and labor resources are saved.

④Small design: compact design, the dehydrator contains an electric control cabinet, a metering tank, a flocculation mixing tank and a dehydrator main body. It occupies a small space and is easy to repair and replace.

⑤ Low-speed operation: The screw shaft speed is about 2~3 rpm, and the running speed is low. There are few failures, low noise and vibration, and safe operation. The power consumption is very small, and the energy consumption of similar equipment under the same processing capacity is low.

⑥Durable: Almost all the machine body is made of stainless steel, which can extend the service life to the limit. The only replacement parts are the screw shaft and the moving ring, which has a long service life. Save a lot of post-maintenance costs.